Our family traditions and childhood led us to the restaurant business…

In 1992, after reading an intriguing ad in the Sunday Boston Globe, we took a chance, moved to North Adams and opened the Freight Yard Pub. Over the past 26 years, Freight Yard Pub has become a local institution with a devoted customer base, as well as many long-time employees who we call our “Freight Yard” family.

We’ve worked hard to provide delicious food, excellent customer service and a welcoming environment to the North Adams community. In addition to Freight Yard Pub, we’ve been involved in the restaurants Taylors, Water Street Grill, and others? We take pride in being a family business that hires and trains local people and supports local economic development.

When we started Freight Yard Pub, we were transplants but now we’ve grown our roots here. More on your kids and family life… We want to see North Adams succeed and we’re committed to the long-term health and vitality of the Northern Berkshires. With our new restaurant, Trail House, we hope to build upon our success at Freight Yard Pub and connect to the exciting new developments at NORAD Mill, Greylock WORKS and TOURISTS.

We named Trail House for its prominent location along the Mohawk Trail and the Appalachian Trail. We want to link Trail House to that history and create a place where both locals and tourists feel at home. We’re excited for the opportunity to expand and offer something a little different than the Freight Yard Pub. At Trail House, our menu reflects more farm to table fare, as well as vegetarian meals and offerings for those with food sensitivities. Our local farm partners such as Burnett’s Farm, McKay’s Family Farm and Berkshire Mountain Farm will supply us with fresh meat, eggs and vegetables. Like Freight Yard Pub, Trail House will offer a friendly-friendly environment, fresh comfort food and great hospitality. Come and experience the best of the Northern Berkshires and visit us at Trail House and Freight Yard Pub!

Colleen, Phillip and Sean Taylor

896 State Rd, North Adams, MA 01247